Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 48

Today I cleaned my house. Seriously, I can’t imagine how the dust gets in within the space of a week, but at least I got to clean my house and getting it back into shape. I miss Priscilla, and Anna, and all the amazing ladies who cleaned my house in the years past. I guess I am spoiled but those amazing women are part of my family, and I miss them.

In the evening I did an online wine tasting with some friends. What a lovely experience. We booked online and the company came past during the day to deliver a box of goodies. I got an amazing box with six bottles of wine and some yummy cheese. It was a blind tasting and a big treat, because i could try some wines i would have never chosen by myself. . I would love to do it again, if they had an option to taste another selection.

Another day, another adventure.

Be kind. Be safe.

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