Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 46

I went for a walk this morning that turned into a run, because, why not? I am proud to say that I ran a bit longer, further and faster than last week. Let the record state that I was running 10 min longer and 10 seconds per km faster. That does not mean at all it was long or fast but I am still happy with the progress. I am also happy that I can get out, get moving, and appreciate nature.

Just as well I got moving before the work day started, because afterwards I was in conference calls for 5 hours and small change. Or as a dear friend put it : death by conference call.

It wasn’t all bad though. After the work day I had a guitar lesson, the first with my new guitar and definitely one of the highlights of my week. Then thar was followed by quiz night with some colleagues turned friends.

I hope you also had something to make you smile.

Be kind. Stay safe

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