Life in the time of corona – Captain’s log: Day 36

I see the oil price dropped below zero in the US for the first time ever. This is definitely unprecedented times! For the first time in history people google graphs related to healthcare systems and the death rate of countries. The world has changed in a few short months and now we are in uncharted territory

36 days is a lot. I have settled into a routine of working from home and it is hard to imagine myself going back to work, taking a busy commuter train to my place of work, and all those people in such a close proximity. I am lucky that my work allows me to continued unhindered, from the comfort of my home. After work I took a little walk around my neighbourhood to stretch my legs and take in the late afternoon sunshine with the fresh air.

I find it strange with walks. The first bit is always such a bother, I feel like its uncomfortable and quite honestly, boring. Then after a while it feels like my legs just do their own thing and I get into a rhythm and I end up walking much longer than I thought I wanted to when I started out. I remember when I started mountain biking I had the same sensation; the first kilometer or three always feel like a drag and after that it starts becoming fun.

Maybe this new life that we live is a bit like that. The first few week is the uncomfortable minutes where you have to get used to it, and sort of push through to get into a rhythm. Now, although I miss the interaction with friends and colleagues, I think I can continue working like this for a longer while.

The world is full of uncertainty. They are talking about relaxing some measures and extending the time for a longer while. Everyone is looking to see what the neighbouring countries are doing and trying to guess what will happen next. Some estimates state that airport traffic will return to normal by 2023 only. What is normal? Or will there be a new normal? Only time will tell.

Be kind. Staty safe.

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