Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 31

I think I may have mentioned that I really enjoy my apartment here in Amsterdam. Now that I spend the whole day here I really get the opportunity to see it in different kinds of light, see how the sun stream in and where are the cosy spots to drink my coffee or have my lunch (Pro tip: its on the balcony on sunny days).

One of the other features, unexpectedly, is what we call Amsterdam TV.

For some reason, people do not really close their curtains, and although it takes some getting used to, after a while you remember that people can see you and it doesn’t really matter. With everyone at home however, it gets interesting to have a look into other people’s lives.

This morning the neighbour across from me caught my eye because he did some unusual stretches and I was intrigued until I realised he was just putting on a grey sweater. He then proceeded to pick up his cute black cat and play with it for a bit an d it was such a lovely moment to see. I didn’t get the opportunity to see if the cat continued to enjoy the attention, because the next moment my grey sweatered neighbour and the lady in the apartment above him did a synchronized window leaning movement. This got my attention, and i saw that there was a postman delivering a package at the door downstairs. Like in a film, the little tableau continued as my eye followed the postman to the building next door. There, emerging from the staircase came the guy with the cute dog.

The first time I saw them a few weeks ago I exclaimed “Puppy”(I was on the phone with a friend at the time) because the colour and proportions of the dog reminded me of a golden labrador puppy. However, the dog in question is senior dog of a smaller breed, probably a mix, and in reality the neighbour carries him down the stairs and it looks like he will have difficulty walking down them (the dog, not the human) before going on their customary walks. Every day I see them, it brings a smile to my face.

These antics of my neighbours reminds me of how we continue to do everyday things, maybe just a little bit differently. It also reminds me to consider which way to orient myself when doing yoga in front of the window.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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