Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 28

4 weeks in and I’m kind of getting used to this new way of living. I spend my time mostly indoors and when I go to the shops I take a shopping cart, keep a wide space between myself and others and try to touch as little as possible. Friends and family continue to call and I’m genuinely glad to hear so much of everyone. It makes me happy to know my loved ones are doing OK

Today was Easter Sunday. The world over the resurrection of Christ was celebrated, along with the new beginning of life in the northern hemisphere. My memories drifted to Sunday morning sunrise services on Nahoon Beach, celebrating this big day with the start of the new day. This year people celebrated in their houses, listening to podcasts and YouTube videos to bring the message of hope and new life.

I daydream of the adventures I want to go on when this is over. I want to visit cities and countries and go surf in new places and familiar places too. I wonder when this will be possible, and if it will be possible at all. What will the world look like in a few months time, or will we be locked in our concrete cages for a longer time still?

Will we learn to celebrate our birthdays with friends singing on a video call and each eating a piece of cake/tart/snack of our own choosing. Will we be able to have friends over for dinner and laugh and share a bottle of wine? Only time will tell, unknown, mysterious time.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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