Life in the time of Corona – Captains log: Day 25

The highlight of the day was that I accidentally called a work associate by his last name, in stead of his first. We had a little laugh over it in a teleconference.

I am sad, because I was planning to go on a holiday for the Easter weekend and the following week. I was planning to see my family, my friends, and spend some time at the seaside. My heart aches for my home country. I long to see the people close to me and once again share lovely moments together.

I want a do-over of the holidays in the past, I want to go back and relive every amazing moment and redo the ones where we disagreed about silly things. I want to tell past me to cherish every moment for the rare and beautiful thing it is.

When things go back to the new normal, it remains to be seen how much this time will impact us in our relationships and goings on. Maybe we will be a bit more gentle.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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