Life in the time of Corona: Captains log – Day 24

Spending this much time in a social distancing situation is bound to lead to some introspection. Whatever your current situation, it is very likely different from how you thought your year would look when you said Happy New year 98 days ago.

In less than 100 days everything we took for granted has changed. All of a sudden priorities shifted and people are acting differently. In the northern hemisphere the spring season is in full swing and all of a sudden all the bunnies and chicks on the Easter merchandise make a lot more sense.

Something i have realised is that I am drawn more and more to practice mindfulness:

  • In my work environment I find I am more mindful in planning my tasks and keeping track of it. I have to make sure I do everything I plan to do, but I also have to plan to take regular breaks, check in with my colleagues, stretch, and learn when to end the work day and take my rest.
  • In my free time I am more mindful of how I spend it and what I do with it. I think about taking walks and catching up with friends. I think about limiting screen time for myself and practicing on my hobbies. I think about taking time to do nothing.
  • In my spiritual life I am more mindful to reflect on how this situation relates to what I believe in. What I can learn from this adversity and where I find my strength.
  • In my relationships with friends and family I am mindful, trying to understand how they experience this strange time and reaching out for their benefit as well as my own.
  • In how I utilise my daylight hours I am more mindful. I think which tasks I would enjoy doing by natural light and do them first before the evening sets in and I have to switch on the light. I am thankful that when I chose an apartment I found one with a bright living area full of natural light, and even more so now that I can enjoy it.
  • Even in my kitchen I am more mindful. I spend time thinking over how I will prepare the meals, what ingredients go well together and what key ingredients I can add to make tomorrow’s meal more interesting than just today’s leftovers.

Do you find that you are more mindful now?

Be kind. Stay safe

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