Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 21

Today was a lovely warm day, hopefully the first of many more.

Despite the social distancing measures, a lot of people ventured out to soak up the sun, outside apartments people were enjoying the afternoon sun sitting appropriate distances apart and socialising. Nature continues her transformation into spring and I enjoy the opportunity to go for a walk and take it in.

In the park there were a lot of people and although everyone keeps their distance I am starting to wonder how long we will have that freedom. The park entrances have been shut except for the main entrances and I keep thinking one day soon they will close it off completely.

I wonder how this is affecting our human psychology on a global level? All the news just covers the disease or related topics. Every website is required to have a big banner with a link to more information. People are starting to worry about job losses and the economy. The memes get darker and closer to racist. On social media people are taking bigger risks in terms of personal privacy, doing a variety of quizzes that sometimes reveal sensitive information about the quizzed.

Armchair intellectuals are having long winded opinions about this or that and there’s a whole branch of conspiracy theories so wild they should be tamed by a bunch of cowboys on horseback.

I don’t have the energy to read more news, see more stats of sick people and people who died. I don’t have the heart to read about family members who couldn’t be with loved ones in their final hours. I am just sad. Sad about so many people who’s lives have been affected. Sad that the poor and vulnerable will possibly be the hardest hit by this, again. Sad that many people will not know if they will have good next month, or whether they will live the month after.

These things and the reality of the isolation is hard to bear and while I struggle some days, I realise that the world struggles everywhere and its likely that there is a whole group of people spread out over the globe experiencing the same concerns. The best we can go is to do our bit and stay at home and wash our hands.

Be kind. Stay safe

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