Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 20

It was a lovely spring day, sunny, and as far as I could tell, not windy.

I spent a few hours on my balcony enjoying my flowers and doing some water colours, while my neighbours who have gardens practiced home workouts and probably overheard my eclectic music collection. Nobody threw rotten vegetables at me, so I am guessing they didn’t mind too much.

The creative trend for the day continued while I did some music practice, finished up some knitting work and started on my secret project that I am super excited about. I even got a few really great ideas that might help me connect better with my loved ones far away!

While I’m doing a lot of things that I love and enjoy, I know this is not a holiday. I constantly think about the effects on the world and especially the must vulnerable members of society. My heart breaks when I realise that just doing basic normal things like getting water puts them at risk, because hundreds of people use the same tap. My heart breaks even more when I realise how unjust the world is that allows that situation to exist in the first place. So when I escape into creativity, it is not because I am celebrating my free time, but really because I need an outlet before it all overwhelms me.

So, proactively, what can I do? Here’s what I do: I stay at home as far as possible, to flatten the curve. I try to eat healthy balanced and tasty meals to keep strong and healthy. I try tu check in with friends regularly to see if they need anything, and guard against spreading the fake news and conspiracy theories. Rather be responsible, consider others in public spaces and be nice to the staff who are putting their health on the line for their country.

Whatever you do, please be kind – keep safe

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