Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 13

It’s the second weekend since we’ve been told TK stay at home over here in the Netherlands.

People from all over are reaching out and I enjoy hearing from everyone. I am always happy to hear how they are doing in this unusual time, what keeps them busy and that they agree healthy.

A number of people are picking up new hobbies or recomitting to old ones. I have friends working on their drawing skills, knitting, music or home workout routine. Some friends are delving deeper into their meditation or yoga practice and others are reading all those books that they’ve been meaning to read.

I heard a few people mention they are so bored they are cleaning their houses. I would like to state very clearly that I clean because I have to and like a clean house, but I am not that bored yet! I finally have the opportunity to do those projects I always wanted to, and still I have a list. What are on your list?

From my social media feed it is clear that many people are discovering or rediscovering the art of cooking and I speak for myself when I say I enjoy it. That is, I enjoy preparing and eating some nice meals, even healthy ones. Similarly I love seeing other people’s journey with their kitchen skills. Do share with me your favourite new meal or cooking tip.

This time of isolation is made so much more bearable because we live in a digital world. Not only can I continue to work with little interruption, but I can also interact with my friends and family via digital channels. In the week I had a video guitar lesson and today we had a video conference call with the family in 4 different households over 2 different continents and 3 different cities!

Every day we are flooded with information, news, facts and figures about how this virus is affecting people and the economy worldwide. I am sad when I realise that the people who are the most vulnerable due to poverty are probably the most vulnerable now, and I realise that behind every statistic is a person. Someone’s child or parent or sibling or spouse or friend. It is heartbreaking to think of all the hardship and the business that might not survive this period. In hr interest it the most vulnerable, we need to do our part and stay at home.

Be kind. Stay safe

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