Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 10

The days are running into each other and I am no longer sure of its Tuesday or Judgement day (pro tip: it’s neither.)

However, something about today was different. Yesterday the sun was out but it was surprisingly cold. Today looked the same, but it warned up. It finally feels like I’m experiencing the sun warming me for the first time in a long time. Maybe it’s more pronounced because I just finished a southern hemisphere winter before coming here in the autumnal, heading into a second back to back winter? Maybe it is because in this time of uncertainty and solitude, the noise of humanity is quiet and we have a moment to experience nature?

I don’t know,but I know that I’m not alone. Looking into the backyard of my building I could see a few neighbours taking in the sun around my lunch break. People are fixing up their gardens and installing benches. Outside people are exercising on their own, and even a guy on his balcony.

Around the world we hear of more cases of infection, death, and mostly security measures. India has put the entire country on lock down, 1,3 billion people!In Peru friends tell me they can only go to their designated supermarkets. South Africa is planning a very strict isolation period for 3 weeks. Some stores have been fined for raising the prices of key items and people are panic buying so much that a group of artists released a song( ) to warn against it!

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