Life in the time of Corona – Captain's log: Day 8

Just another manic Monday, as the Bangles would say. Only I can’t blame it on the train, or the bus, or the plane, because I am still working from home. That is me and the majority of the Dutch population.

I am slowly starting to get used to having a day filled with teleconference after teleconference and I am starting to recognise the home offices of my coworkers. Soon I will start taking note of the book titles in the background or something. Still a better alternative than naming my potplants and starting to talk to them. I do think the palm has a cheeky haircut like a Karen…

Spending time at home at all hours brings new possibilities. Friends report that they are getting better at cooking good meals, and I managed to practice a bit of music today in my break. I didn’t realise how good that would be for my mind, body and soul to change focus to something so completely different.

In the evening I had a double booking of sorts: Two political leaders on two different continents, giving press statements about the same topic at the same time – The one in South Africa started late, because, well, TIA.

In my home country they are implementing a complete lock down for 3 weeks, starting on Thursday. Just as well I decided to postpone my planned visit. As sad as I am to be away from my family, at a time like this, I am thankful to have a job and be able to continue working here., in the Netherlands.

Over here they have extended the existing measures from until the 1st of June 2020, and no longer the 6th of April as previously thought. This is really long, and the impact on businesses and the economy must be devastating. Every day I think and realise the world we live in is never going to be the same again. Things are going to change forever. Who knows where we will end up. I just hope that when we start over, we rethink what is really important to us.

Be kind, and stay safe.

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