Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 6

Today is Saturday, the first weekend since they closed all the restaurants and things. After 5 days of sitting in front of a computer at home I’m happy for the break in routine.

Although it’s still a bit cold outside, the day is gloriously beautiful with blue skies and sunshine all around. I wrap up in a comfy wind proof jacket and take my bike out to make up for every day’s cycle that I missed. I figure that if I head to Het Amsterdamse Bos, I will be able to keep a 2m distance from other people and still get to enjoy nature.

What a treat. Beautifully paved roads goes all over the Bos with some very scenic areas to take in. I stop a few times to sit on a bench and take it in. I definitely wasn’t aiming for a fast time, merely the opportunity to move my body and be outside for a bit.

Returning from my bike ride, I take the opportunity to get some flowering plants for my balcony. I’ve always dreamed about a cheerful balcony flower box and I realise this is the season! And what is more, with this working from home shindig I will actually get to enjoy it more! I honestly feel very proud of my balcony garden

Today ended up quite productive, and I managed to finish off a few nearly done knitting projects, so now they are all set and ready to send to the recipients of a bit of warm hand love.

One of the biggest advantages of spending more time alone at home, is that I can take some time to prepare and enjoy beautiful, wholesome food. It’s quite easy to fall into trap of continual snacking and junk food, so I am trying to counter that by sitting down to to beautiful meal as much as possible.

Wherever you are, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. If things get a bit much for you reach out to a friend, or reach out to me. Practice social distancing and wash your hands. Together (but at a safe distance) we can beat this thing.

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