Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 5

The days are kind of melting into one. For the first time in years it doesn’t feel like Friday, because it just feels like any other day.

I can definitely do with a couple of days without endless conference calls.

I wonder if the weekend will bring anything more exciting? The forecast promises nice weather, hopefully I will have the opportunity to go ride my bike in the park or get outside in the sunshine.

In the afternoon I convinced myself to go for a walk. Maybe it’s my imagination but I actually think there are less people out. The ones I do see are keeping a distance of at least 2m, which is at least a bit comforting.

In the supermarket I had a couple of memory flash backs. They have a special offer on a variety of Nederburg wine, so I took a couple of bottles home. I was even more surprised to see a selection of the Norton wines from Mendoza in Argentina! What lovely memories of visiting the vineyard just six months ago!

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