Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 4

The weather is grim today. Cooler than the last few days, and overcast. It feels like it reflects the gloomy mood over the city. Perhaps it is the weather, or perhaps people are just more cautious, but there are less children playing outside today. I am also feeling the gloom of it all. The whole world is in turmoil, its hard to be stuck alone at home, and nobody really knows what the future holds.

In an effort to beat the gloom, I try to take a daily walk, on different times, to avoid having to run into big groups of people. It is strange, I never thought of the reality of actively avoiding interaction with other people. On today’s walk I notice little movement. The odd person on a bike, or passing by a mother and kids on the pavement. Road traffic is limited to the odd service truck and perhaps 2 cars.

The supermarket is reasonably well stocked with most things. There is a normal selection of fresh produce and meat. The fresh milk looks about half stocked, but it could be that they are restocking in a few hours today. It is however noticeable that the shelves for macaroni is basically empty, and the toilet paper shelves is completely barren.

There are so many memes going around about the toilet paper hoarding craze, you would think people are in agreement that it is ridiculous. But then… why is everyone buying it?

Although the weather was cooler today, there is definitely a hint of spring in the air, and on my walk I notice a lot of flowers in bloom. Some trees are already covered in blossoms, and in some places there are gardens so pretty it looks fake. It is definitely a cheerful reminder that the gloomy winter is over and the future will be alive again.

Speaking of the future reminds me that sometimes we need to look for the past for inspiration.

Its clear Sir Isaac Newton didn’t have Netflix, but who knows what innovative idea is lying ahead of us?

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