Life in the time of Corona – Captain’s log: Day 3

I keep thinking that working from home would be better if i had a furry friend to lie at my feet while I am working. My late dog Charlie used to pick up the ball and throw it on my lap to tell me he wants to play. But then I speak to friends who are at home with their partners and all the little things are becoming bigger things. I guess you win some you lose some.

Last night at 8 there was a bit of a racket outside. I saw some people across the street clapping and others banging on a box with a stick like a makeshift drum. Afterwards I heard it was an initiative to applaud the medical staff that are working to keep the rest of the population healthy and safe.

On the bright side, I have received a parcel today. I was thinking the other day that working from home would be a treat if I could have the odd rusk with my coffee, and then I saw it: A person from the South Africans in the Netherlands community advertising that they still deliver home baked rusks from their business “Beskuitblik”

One interesting side effect of the COVID-19 outbreak, is the positive effect on the environment. Canals in Venice are running clear, and the marine life is returning, including dolphins and swans, as per this article. There are also satellite images showing that the pollution over Italy has dramatically decreased. Similar things are reported in other parts of the world where pollution levels have dropped much lower than ever before. Unexpectedly, this is a wake-up call for what a large impact we have on our environment, and how much of it is in our control. If only we take it seriously and do something about it. In this time of strangeness and worry, it is good to see some positives too.

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