Sandy adventure

A friend invited me along on a day out in the sand dunes, and being up for an adventure I accepted, of course. Early morning, for a Sunday at least, he picked me up in his Landrover and we headed out to the north of the city.

After a toll gate we stopped beside the road and waited for all the cars to arrive. All of them land rovers, but in any flavour you can imagine, with cheerful drivers to match. We had a roadside breakfast of coffee and biscuits and a few good-natured laughs before setting out further.

I would love to tell you where we went, but in honesty I don’t know. Somewhere along the road we turned off onto the sand dunes and suddenly we arrived. We stopped once more, to let some air out of the tyres, this time. One of the guys handed out two way radios and little did I know the value of those little things.

When we had to navigate through more challenging bits, it was very useful to have an experienced off-roader talk us  through it(by us I really mean the driver, I was just along for the ride to look nervous and make appreciative sounds when we made it.)


Not that it always worked… in one such instance we navigated around a deep bowl in the sand and my friend displayed some really good driving and a lot of confidence. He even shouted “We made it!” and I was halfway saying “Not quite yet, look o….” before we slid down a bank and got stuck in the sand. The picture above is just before they towed us out, and the hands on head gesture basically says everything that needed to be said…

The rest of the morning we tried some different challenges, experienced a lot of sand and sun and a whole lot of fun. We even stopped a couple of times for snacks and drinks!

We ended our journey through a long tunnel of sand dunes, and right there, in the middle, it feels like there are nobody else in the world!


Another day, another adventure to be thankful for!

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