The sad end to a happy adventure

Last week I lost my best friend of the 4 leg+tail variety. Charlie escaped the yard one last time for a wild run and sadly did not make it back home, but was run over by a car.


As dogs go, Charlie was probably the best friend I could ask for.  Definitely the most loyal. And ever loving. And always always excited to see me. And play ball, especially if he could jump to catch it. I have a lot of photos of this little friend, although not many where he is both awake and in focus, because lets face it, there was always a part of him moving, usually his tail.

The best part of coming home from work was when the garage door open and a little black lightning bolt comes out to say hello, jump in the car, try to kiss me and hitch a ride into the garage.

Any day was a fun day with Charlie. Whether this meant hanging out in the sun, running around the back yard chasing balls, swimming with the kids “rescuing them”, chasing b balls, catching the odd bird and chasing doves and hadedas (sorry birds), eating rusks with my mom, watching TV with my dad, chasing balls, keeping me company when I had a sick day, curious about meeting my brother’s new baby when she came to the house the first time, “helping” the gardener and chasing balls,  keeping my parents company when I was at work, going for walks with friends old and new, chasing balls, one thing is certain, Charlie had a great life, probably the best a dog could ask for. I think it is fair to say he could end each day satisfied that he had done his best and deserve his rest.

And he was so generous in return. Not many people visited who did not fall for his charm. Not long will a visitor be at the house or Charlie would bring his ball of the moment. We had to warn each of them “do not throw the ball unless you want to continue throwing it.”


To be fair, ball skills were never my strong suit, however I think I improved with this little guy in my life. I sure got a lot of practice, and a whole lot of trick shots.  Think: into the beam of the varanda roof, down onto the table, and back behind me. Or hitting the little metal man 3 times out of 5 throws, in stead of missing the man and the column behind it completely.


I think everyone who knows me knows how much I loved this little guy. You should see how happy he was when i took out his green blanket, or his winter jacket, and especially his walking gear. If I had to move it somewhere I had to make sure Charlie doesn’t see it or hear it, otherwise he will jump around and I will feel incredibly guilty.

I will forever remember you, my boy.

Pas die huis op in die honde hemel, asb.

“Een oor af, en een oor op… Pasop!”

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