Going on a boat

Some Saturdays we start out with one plan and then it changes a bit, or completely. That is exactly what happened this past weekend. One moment I had some plans with a friend, and the next I had other plans with the same friend! A colleague had invited us to go out on his boat and since the winter is coming closer at a crazy pace, it is a good idea to get some of the summery things done while the weather allows. What started out as a lazy foggy Saturday morning, turned out to be full of adventures.

Arriving in San Bartolo at the boat club, we were met by a lot of people in white clothes with red flowers behind their ears. A little investigation told us that they are there for a big competition of Marinera Nortena, a peruvian form of dance. The brass band was blasting out a tune, and the dancers took to the floor in pairs to demonstrate their fast footwork and their passionate moves.


We enjoyed a chilcano and some seafood snacks – cerviche, kausar, etc – while enjoying the dancing, before heading off to the boat.

It took us a while to figure out how the boat will get from the parking area to the water, until we noticed the winch!


We pulled out of the little harbour, past the rocks and had a lovely adrenaline and seaspray filled journey on the boat.


We pulled into an old fishing harbour and noticed the contrast between the holiday houses, all boarded up for the winter season, and the fishing boats, inhabitants eating lunch on the deck with laundry in the background.

A line spanned across the bay, from a house perched on a rock to a house shaped to a ship… the perfect place for birds to get themselves seated.

Around the corner the sea lions awaited us! Old big mane sea lions basking in the sun, reaching up into the sky. Young ones trying to scramble up the rocks while the water tries to wash them off. A host of magnificent animals, just doing what they do, and for us to see!


Afterwards we had a relaxing hour looking out over the bay, waiting for the day to end. In short, an absolute treat of a Saturday!


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