Easter eggs in all sorts of places

A long weekend presented itself over Easter, and i took the opportunity to explore some of the not so far places around Lima. A few friends went with our surf school for a camp in Punta Hermosa, the local surf haven. The lovely guys from Surf X-Perience introduced us to a number of different beaches and showed us what it could be liek to surf in other spots. Please note, when I say surf I do mean a lot of paddling around and trying to stand up. I haven’t quite mastered all the tricks and greatness yet, but who knows

Needless to say there was a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, a lot of waves, and as always some interesting sites. In Cerro Azul, our first destination, we saw a tuk-tuk that managed to carry an entire surfschool in one load!


I was happy to enjoy the sandy beaches after surfing and to make friends with the local dogs. This little guy was so curious but got a bit skittish when I took the camera out. I hope he didn’t think I was going to steal his soul.


The beaches had a bit of everything, from a bit of structure and some traders selling trinkets, to cliffsides and piers to walk on. Aside from Cerro Azul, we also had a chance to brave the currents and big waves (and big surfers) in Puerto Viejo, and had the lovely opportunity to see dolphins, just a few meters from us in the water. If the weekend ended there my day would have been made as it was.

Not that it ended there, of course! We had some lovely meals, including cerviche, Rosa’s come cooked glory and some of the best pizza I have ever had in a crazy tall building with some reggae music and sangria.

The last surf day was at a beach called El Silencio. The paddle out was so far, but we made up for it by having some drinks and icecream and a lovely day on the beach.

The evenings were spectacular, with lovely views over Plaza Sofia, a celebratory space for the peruvian surfing world champion, Sofía Mulánovich. 

Along with many surprises and Easter fun, we had lovely sunset every single day, the perfect way to end a fantastic day with a bit of sweetness, like an Easter egg.


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