Some every day wonders in Lima

The seasons are changing, but it is very subtle in Lima. There is no extravagant colour changes and no leaves on the ground. But the weather changes, ever so slightly, with a freshness that allows for leisurely Sunday walks, down the stairs, to take in the beach.

One thing that I haven’t found is hot cross buns. I miss celebrating the Easter period without it, so I found a recipe and decided to try my hand at it. It’s harder than it looks, but not impossible. The first effort looked unlike any form of hot cross buns I ever bought at Woolies, but the taste was close enough. I might try again and change up a few things.

A Sunday morning wouldn’t be quite complete without a cup of coffee after church. Last Sunday I cycled to church, and ended up with a photogenic looking bike next to a giant cup of coffee afterwards.

The coffee was really good, as was the cake.

The end of a relaxing day is well spent in the park, reading a book and looking at the day coming to an end. Ambience was provided by an old guy with a flute. This place never fails to surprise!


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