Waterworks – a plumbing adventure

Even every day things turn into an adventure when you are living the Lima life. Saturday was a day of waterworks and adventures. The morning started off with relaxed surfing lesson and a whole lot of chit chat, as the waves were flat, but just being in the water was amazing.


After a lovely breakfast and a leisurely stroll I got home to enjoy the little comforts, like naps, fresh fruit and a good cup of coffee. After washing my dishes I thought, “Let me cut up this pineapple and wash the cutting board in this lovely dish water”. I turned my back and have not even retrieved the knife out of the drawer, when I heard a bang, a crash and a massive SPLISH!! I looked around, ready to face a burglar when I notice that the “intruder” was in fact my kitchen sink. It had been dislodged from where it was mounted, and fell out, water and all, through the cupboard doors and onto the kitchen floor.


And so, in an instant, my afternoon plans changed from cooking to mopping, and ther was a lot of mopping! In the process I learnt something new: Peruvian plumbers work on Saturday evenings, and efficiently at that. The guy did arrive at 6pm, went out to buy supplies, came back and was still finished by 8. The only warning was that I had to leave it be for 24 hours – who doesn’t like an excuse to avoid doing the dishes, right? I did receive a stern call from the building doorman, informing me that work is not allowed outside the hours of 8am-5pm. If I had a bit more practice, I could have explained it was an emergency, but luckily the helpful landlady gave him a call and explained.

All’s well that ends well! Another every day adventure, living the #limalife

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