Surfing Safari


When you get invited to join some friends who are going to surf the longest wave in the world, you go, even if you’re not sure about your own surfing skills. Well, I do anyway, and I am so glad I did!


On a Friday night we shipped out to Turjillo to get to Huanchaco. After a  10 min drive from the airport, we checked into our hostel and went to explore the nightlife of the little hamlet. We had a lovely dinner at Bily’s Jungle Bar. Beer is served in quarts, and the Lomo Saltado was really good. The music was provided by a local band who played on guitars and bamboo flutes. We followed this up by a party at Frogs, a big local backpackers, where the band played Salsa music and the Clarinet player gave us some additional dancing lessons.


After a hearty breakfast Saturday Morning, we explored the little town of Huanchaco and had a look at the waves. The town feels a bit like it could be part of a movie set. Some things are really run down and very old, some things look a little kitch, like an old family holiday resort that was looked over when renovations happened to the rest of them.

In a side street an old man walks with his beard, wetsuit, and surfboard. In the main street the street dogs follow you until you reach the front door and bark at taxi’s and police cars. A seemingly abandoned bike is parked next to a seemingly abandoned building. Across the street there are vendors selling curios and leaf canoes are stacked next to the side of the beach, ready to go out in the ocean.

After a surfing lesson and a fantastic cerviche lunch, it was time for a bit of R&R before heading out to a festival! There was salsa music, paint and a lot of dancing!

Early Sunday morning we packed up a couple of vans with wetsuits and surfboards and took a roadtrip into rural northern Peru to Chicama – home of the longest left hand wave in the world!

We stopped along the way for breakfast at a local market. Underneath a shelter on the hard baked earth is a market that sells anything from potatoes to shampoo!

Surfing, Cerviche, sun and more surfing… this is what the day consisted of. Of course there were laughs and fun and a lot of staring at the ocean as wave after wave crashes to the shore. These waves are long, consistent and really something worth the trip!


Many thanks to my amigos for arranging and for Lorenzo, an amazing Peruvian surfer who introduced us to this wonder!


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