This restaurant was so good, it deserves it entire post of its own.


A friend and I visited ámaZ yesterday, on recommendation of a few other friends and the Lonely Planet guide.


The food was a delight of Amazonian cuisine, and to be honest, I have to constantly try not to say Amazing Amazonian food at amaZ… but there, I said it. As previously mentioned, it is part of the culture to order a bunch of dishes and then share it among the table, and lucky for us, a lot of things came in half portions so we could try more things! While we had an idea of what we wanted, the incredible servers offered us some suggestions on what to have and it did not disappoint.


Along with the fantastic gastronomical experience, the decor is really special. Something between jungle kitch and modern art, without going too far into each extreme. Along with the multicolour chairs and origami cameleons on the lampshades in the entrance area, there are lovely booths in jungle huts upstairs, hidden behind a lush green wall. To top it off the menu is illustrated with some mischievous jungle creatures. I should have taken many more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the experience. If you are interested, please go have a look.

Curiosity did not kill this cat….


2 thoughts on “ámaZ

  1. Give us some ideas of what you ate … sounds lovely. Love the tapas way of eating small portions of all sorts … a relaxing meal nibbling here and there. Thanks for sharing xx


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