The day I danced with batman

The other day I danced with batman, but that’s not how the story starts.

It was the day our office moved to a new location. The new office is definitely a step up, the location is better, as is the building and the office has sufficient space. For the first time in a while we do not have to practice salsa to get from one end of the room, past all the chairs, just to get to your own desk. The new office even includes a view of the mountains!

The lifts in our building gets rather busy during the lunch hour, and we decided to earn our lunch by taking the stairs. When we got to the cafeteria floor however, we were unable to exit the staircase, and we called a friend to open from the inside, but it turns out the staircase opens straight into the kitchen and is only accessible during an emergency. Lesson learnt…

I left the office on the 5pm bus to make it to the weekly Spanish lesson. Some days I think the more I learn the less I know, but I guess that’s true in every thing.

After the lesson I made my way to the first installment of the “salsa club,” a salsa lesson set up by one of the guys in the wider team. We were about 30 min late, it would seem we did not miss much, as the first hour of the class is a fitness dance class, similar to Zumba. The instructor was an energetic guy with an afro, baggies and a batman t-shirt. After the “warm up/zumba” we finally managed to learn some salsa moves. I am not sure if I can say “I can salsa”, but I CAN count funny: Un, dos, tres….. Cinco, seis, seinta…

It was a long day, but full of adventure and a bit of Latin Spirit!

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