Some memories of Vietnam

It is still Thursday in Peru, so I thought I would do a #throwback to my recent trip in Vietnam

It was probably the best holiday I have been on, to date, to be very honest! That’s saying something because if there is something I love it is a good holiday. Part of the charm was the impulsiveness. Over lunch a friend (who happens to be related to me, I know, right) mentioned he is going to Vietnam and I simply invited myself along. A bit of planning and a bit of dreaming followed over wine filled lunches and dinners, and we decided to book this tour with G-Adventures.

A few friends recommended them before, and I am glad we used them because it was worth every minute. It continues on to Cambodia and I wish I had known this, because the pictures from the friends we made on the tour was amazing. All the more reason to visit again, I guess.

Hannoi, where we started, is a very busy city, a lot of old world charm and a great introduction to the charm of Vietnam. We had egg coffee, some good street food and got our first taste of scooter filled traffic.


Our next stop, Ha Long Bay,  was basically like something out of a fairy-tale, you expect dragons and ghost ships to arrive any moment.. One moment we were still leaving the harbour, and the next moment the sandstone cliffs rise out of the water in its full magnificence. I might have taken a million pictures, but nothing quite captures the majesty of the place. At first I was disappointed because there wasn’t a lot of blue sky, but the misty feeling sort of contributed to the magical feeling of the place.



Hue has a bit of the old Chinese culture, with a forbidden city and everything, and we visited the tomb of one of the kings and a beautiful Buddhist temple on a mountain.


My favourite by far was Hoi An. It is called the lantern city, and the old town has lanterns that line the tops of the streets. The old town is littered with little coffee shops and bars, and just something different. The town is known for their tailor made clothes, made there for very reasonable prices and even shoes!


We went on a bicycle tour one day to visit some of the surrounding areas, and we were privileged to see some farmlands that is still worked in traditional methods. A special moment was meeting an old couple who have been married 74 years, and they are still living on their patch of farmland. That is #goals right there!


Vietnamese food is so good. I did a cooking class in Hoi An, and I totally fell in love with the Vietnamese food. It is so different from anything I know, so its near impossible to explain. I should have taken more pictures, but to be honest, I probably ate it before thinking of taking pics. One thing I dearly miss (aside from pho and spring rolls and and and) is mango smoothies!

From Hoi An we went to Ho Chi Minh City (the old Saigon) and that was also an experience. There we got to see a bit more of the history surrounding the war and we took a trip to the Mekong Delta, where they produce the most amazing fresh fruits and things. It was definitely the best end to a most amazing trip.


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