Lima – first impressions

I tried my first surfing lesson on Saturday, it was quite fun, although the beach consists of rocks and the “shop” is basically a 3×3 m canopy, so it is a bit of an adjustment. Everyone says there aren’t any sharks, but my question is “what are the sharks scared of, perhaps I should be scared too?”

It’s a city of old and new, from old Volksie busses to brand new cars, and the buildings too.

There are beautiful well kept parks all over, and even more around the popular tourist areas. These pretty benches are in Miraflores.

The parks even have drinking fountains for dogs!

Every now and then I stumble across a beautifully coloured house with a massive succulent, it’s so pretty, like something out of this world!

As the ocean is to the west, there is no shortage of beautiful sunsets.

Around the corner from work is a little cafeteria where you can eat the meal of the day, or a salad. The food is great, and it’s good to share a table with colleagues and friends and get to know each other.

Larcomar is a “mall” that is cut into the cliffs facing the ocean, with restaurants, fancy shops and views for days.

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